Outer Rim Star Wars

Dead Reckoning


Pemboy Pumms and Fareezo manage an amazing on-the-fly pickup of Kek’Tal and Newman Olfakktus, while Renzo heales in the medbay and Ossa Tema aka Princess Lulu trains with Atama Sicah in the tunnels on Boz Pity. They jump out of system, to escape any immediate Imperial trouble.

After laying low for a day in hyperspace and healing up, they return to Mourn, BP’s moon, to meet a new contact named Bolabo Snunb who has some goods to move for the Smugglers Guild. They link up with her, and manage to trade for some bacta to heal Kek and Newman’s rad damage. They restock the ship a bit, and realize Bolabo is a bit of a practical joker. After plotting a course, they head out to Randon, needing to beat some Black Sun agents there to get properly paid.

Midway there, they are pulled out of hyperspace by an impact warning, which they assume is a pirate trap, as they can’t detect any large bodies nearby. They do spot a small debris field and receive a distress call. After some debate and the offer of a reward, they agree to pick up the stranded woman, and head in. They quickly come under attack by pirates (as feared) but successfully scoop up the waylaid traveler, and Kek jumps blind towards the next system by overriding the hyperdrive safeties.

They luckily don’t hit anything, and limp into a repair bay recommended by Roget Jiriss in the Sneeve system. They trade a four-armed mechanic all of Bolabo’s drugs for the repair work needed and get back on the way to Randon. Upon arrival, Newman manages to bribe and connive his way to the front of the customs inspection line, and luckily the drug they’re hauling is legal, so they coast through. Kek has the ship AI keep Renzo passed out to avoid trouble.

They head to the rendevouz, moved at the last minute from the docking bay, and are worried about another trap. Approaching the site on an less-inhabited continent, they see a jungle clearing and barely spot some kind of concealing dome. They land, warily, after confirming with their contact. They make the exchange, with what seem to be some more anti-Imperial freedom fighters of an unknown affiliation. Instead of credits, they end up taking a turbo-laser to attach to the 2nd Chance at a future point.

After some unsuccessful further attempts at trading, they take off, and head to the planet that their reward for saving Atamah is on, having received a message from his that the reward may not be totally secure. Separately, Tema has headed that way after her initial bout of training. She finds an ancient tree, which seems to have once been some sort of Jedi or force-user, and is still just the tiniest bit alive. The world seems to have died ages ago, but the tree Jedi stashed a bunch of lightsabers in the earth and rooted itself above to protect them. Tema, after much deliberation, makes the hard call and doesn’t take any of them, after the tree tells her it is not her time.

She scouts out an ancient temple where the reward artifact is, and comes under attack from its unidentifiable alien guardians just as the other team arrives. They manage to save Tema, defeat the aliens, an recover the artifact just in time as the temple collapses around them. Now to see what exactly it is, and how much it might be worth!


shohennessey Cyclopean

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