Jawa Tinkerer and Pilot


Her few friends call her Kek.
Kek’Tal: Real ID. From Tattoine. Licenses for battle droids, blasters, ion weapons, cloaked armor, trader.
Hrar Dnek: R4. Licenses for battle droids, blasters, ion weapons, cloaked armor, trader.

Kadrian Sey: Loy 2 / Conn 4 Smugglers Guild fixer.
Bampf: Loy 1 / Conn 3.
Smugglers Guild: Loy 1 / Conn 7.

Scout Droids:
D1-P7: Bad wiring- kind of dissociative. Critical glitches cause temporary shutdown. Camera, olfactory sensor, atmosphere sensor.
D9-J2: Argumentative personality. Mic’s and cameras.
D1-O8: Trustworthy, also with a hidden personality (rarely surfaces). Ultrasound, range finder, camera.
Battle Droids:
M7-Y2: Self-doubting personality, constantly striving to self-improve. Ion blaster.
M4-B3: Aggressive personality. Armor piercing blaster.
M6-U1: Amenable personality. Frangible blaster.
M7-H4: Obsessive personality. Explosive blaster.
Maintenance Droids:
K0-T2: A wheeled trashbin with articulated arms. Hollow core to smuggle in, or hide in as needed. Pompous personality.


Female Jawa, 27 years old. Braggart and compulsive (though skilled) tinkerer. Hates Tusken Raiders. Juryrigger and steely-eyed wheel(wo)man.

Skilled at piloting aerospace & ground/hovercraft. Solid astronavigator. Passive, like most Jawa, and mostly fights with drones (relying on an Ion pistol for a quick KO if combat finds her). She generally oversees her drone net either while hiding with her smart camo cloak, or ensconced in customized K-series maintenance droid K0-T2. Uses a fleet of M-Series aerial battle droids. M7-Y2: Ion rifle. M4-B3: armor piercing blaster rifle. M6-U1: frangible blaster (good vs meatbags but leaves the tech intact!). M7-H4: Explosive blaster. Almost always wears a heavily customized gas mask under her hood, as the unfamiliar scents of the world outside Jawan society are somewhat overwhelming.

Surveils and scouts with a trio of scout/espionage D-series droids, with different sensor loadouts. D1-P7, D9-J2, and D1-O8. Speaks Jawaese (native), and is fairly fluent in galactic common and droidspeak/babno. Knows enough Tusken to get a basic understanding. Implanted voice modulator allows her to speak other languages besides Jawaese.

Grew up as the daughter of the head Shaman of her Sandcrawler. Her mother was well-respected, but also widely envied due to her prominent position, which she used to allow Kek’Tal to do many things that female Jawas are not usually allowed to do in their patriarchal culture, such as trading with outsiders, going on salvage runs, etc. When her mother was grievously injured in a Tusken raider attack, her enemies used her weakened state as an excuse to depose her. Kek’Tal and her mother fled Tattooine as soon as Kek’Tal could raise the funds, and she still supports her mother as best she can. This has left her in debt to the Smugglers Guild, who are “keeping her mother safe” while she works off her debt.

Kek follows the money for now, though she’s open to finding a place to settle down, or a good cause to join. So long as she there aren’t any Tuskens there… Her time on the streets of Mos Eisley taught her plenty about urban sneaking and survival, as well providing her introduction to the SG. She hopes to eventually transform herself into a full cyborg, believing that her meatbag parts are merely slowing her down, and that machine life is the path to true transcendence, free of the uncertainties and irregularities of bio-life.


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