Outer Rim Star Wars


Freeeeeeee Falling

The meeting with Magistrate Margaret Shorn and the Smugglers Guild goes well. The team gets paid for delivering Acer safely, and are told there may be more work for them. Ossa Tema aka Princess Lulu hires them to retrieve a family artifact that’s headed to an orbital auction.

Fareezo lures 2 of the guards on the auctioneers ship away from their comrades, and the team ko’s them in an ambush. Kek’Tal accidentally distracts the nearby guards when she gets spotted. Renzo and Newman Olfakktus get hired on as replacement guards, with Tema’s help, and Kek sneaks aboard. They bring some berserker gas grenades to use on the rest of the crew.

They set off the grenades once the ship is airborne, and get the bridge crew and guards fighting, while they sneak back towards the artifact. Tema snipes a few surprised guards, and Kek manages to detach the front ship segment. She gets on the turbolaser, and duels with a gunner in the falling front section. She wins, but the mid-section is also damaged, so they head towards the back as gravity fails. Explosions start aboard the ship, so they prepare to bail. However, all the escape pods are gone.

Fareezo pilots the Second Chance up to scoop them up, and Kek and Newman manage to jump over, sadly needing to sacrifice a droid in the process to push them in the right direction. Renzo and Tema fare worse, and take extreme damage while exposed to the vacuum of space without proper protection. They get aboard, and Pemboy Pumms begins treating them in his brand-new medbay.

They return to Boz Pity, faking comms problems and ship trouble to get away from Imperial rescue craft. The auctioneer’s ship detonates as they leave. They manage to land, and Newman heads into town on the speeder in order to try to convince the Imperials that nothing suspicious happened. The rest of the team prepare to head to the auction so Fareezo can fulfill his duties to the Hutts.

Arriving on the spacebarge where the auction will take place, and peruse the schedule. Unsurprisingly, the piece they stole has been removed. Fareezo and Kek attend the opening dinner, and meet a few people, but are also terrified to see IG-88, who Fareezo recognizes, and advises the team not to fuck with. Kek, being fascinated by a fully autonomous droid, goes over and introduces herself. IG-88 barely acknowledges her. Fareezo, Newman, and Tema go to breakfast with a friendly Ithorian mining exec, who feeds them some fancy eggs. Tema plants a tracker on his bodyguard, Atama Sicah, who they have been hired to capture/kill, due to his ongoing theft of Imperial goods. Newman tries to sneak some eggs back for Renzo, but offends the host in doing so.

They return to the ship, and await the auction. They see a young man who Tema recognizes from the Magistrate’s palace, but who is no longer dressed as an Imperial. He purchases a cloning device. Some other impressive items sell, and Fareezo bids on his ore, which sadly IG-88 also is bidding on. Fareezo manages to outbid him, even though he is terribly intimidated. They make a plan to bail as quickly as possible, and Fareezo uses connections to get IG-88’s exit delayed. Kek calls IG-88 and tells it that she will give up the item’s location once they drop it off, if they aren’t attacked.

They safely make the drop on one of the moons, to Fareezo’s Hutt syndicate contact Vorvo, who takes off in a fancy yacht. They return to Boz Pity, with Kek redlining the engines to avoid trouble. IG-88 catches up to them, but Kek messages it a photo of Vorvo’s ship and it breaks off pursuit. They land safely and work on repairing the ship while getting some more work. Tema makes arrangements to train with Atamah as a trap, and they follow his tracker into the city, where they see him receive a package in the meeting with the Ithorian, before losing track of him.


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