Races: Think about the race you would like to be from star wars, and we will engineer it from existing shadowrun metatypes. In general:
Bothan/Twilek<>Elves, Gran<>Orks, Ithorian<>Dwarf, Wookie<>Trolls,

All attributes are max 6 unless otherwise noted!

Chadra-Fan<>Hanuman: -1 strength and either intuition or will (max 5), +1 agility/charisma (max 7). Swap ‘unusual hair’ for isolation aversion (as in Alien Anthology), and -1 to attack/perceive them due to small size. Swap prehensile tail for thermographic vision. Keep monkey paws: +2 to climb and move in zero-g due to large hands and prehensile feet, so long as clothing/armor accommodates these unique features, otherwise +1, or swap for +2 to build/repair checks. Take a negative quality about compulsive tinkering and/or need for contact?

Human<>Human. Keep +1 edge.

Jawa <> Gnome: keep -1 social penalty, keep thermo vision, drop ‘arcane arrester.’ Replace with -1 to perceive/hit (due to small size) and +2 vs pathogens/toxins. -1 strength/charisma (max 5), +1 agility/logic (max 7).

Ortolan <> dwarf. Swap thermo for scent: +2 track, free specialization. Keep +2 vs pathogens/toxins. Swap dwarf networking for food foraging: +2 survival, free specialization. -1 agility/reaction (max 5), +2 body/strength (max 8). Take a negative quality about compulsive eating?

Rodian <> human. -1 charisma and either logic or intuition (max 5 each), +1 agility/reaction (max 7). +2 track, +1 perception (all). No edge bonus, gain thermo vision. Take a negative quality about ‘the hunt’? Maybe a code of honor or combat monster?

Sullustan <> elf. -1 body, +1 either agility or reaction. Swap low-light for thermo vision. Swap charisma bonus for a free specialization in climbing and in audio perception. Qualities related to longterm vision loss and pranksterism.

Togrutan <> Elf. -1 bod (max 5), +1 either intuition or will (max 7), +1 either agility or reaction (max 7). Drop low-light vision, gain “spatial awareness”: passive echolocation, can make a sound perception check to halve blind-fighting penalties (stacks with “blind fighting” adept power). Functions as ultrasound (using mental limit in place of rating) for perception checks. +1 sneaking.

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