Ortolan Smuggler's Guild Enforcer


A massive blue Ortolan, he has visible duranium plates under his skin, and heavily wired reflexes and reactions.
He has a ridiculous high voice that seems out of place with his massive presence.


Born on Nar Shada, in Hut Space, his parents weren’t ready for the availability of food combined with easy to get credit from the huts and wound up terrible in debt in a very short time.
He made it out of the household and ended up on the streets. Because of his ridiculous voice a lot of kids picked fights with him and because of his enormous size he won all of them.

He was recognized by the huts and ended up fighting in organized pits and learned a showy style of over the top brutal squeezing the throwing.

He was accused of killing the organizer of the fights, and ended up going to a hut prison on Nar Shada. He ended up working for the smuggling guild in the prison doing enforcement. He was such a successful enforcer that the Smugglers Guild thought it would be worth it to smuggle him out of the prison.

He has done a lot of enforcing work for the guild, and is now located at Boz Pity in the city of Boz, trying to get a foot hold.


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