Outer Rim Star Wars

It's A Real Boz Pity

Smuggling Smugglers

On Boz Pity, Renzo and Newman Olfakktus have been acting as an advance force for a Smugglers Guild expansion into the system. Fareezo, Pemboy Pumms, and Kek’Tal are all hired on Cularin by Kadrian Sey to escort the SG envoy Acer to Boz Pity.

They astrogate their way there with no trouble, but spot a suspicious fast-moving object on their sensors that they are unable to ID. After some confusion while landing (as to who they are and where to dock), they avoid a potential Imperial entanglement and leave the spaceport. Trying to take a hover-cab to Acer’s meeting, they are ambushed by Black Sun operatives, presumably to prevent the SG from gaining ground on BP. Pemboy manages to save Acer’s life after he is wounded by a missile.

They defeat the BS goons, and the crew sneaks off as the local law starts arriving onsite. Also their junker ship was blown up so they’re stuck on-world for the time being. They escape the Imperial dragnet with the help of ORFF enforcer Shev, though they almost get into some trouble with ORFF due to a mixup about who should drive the getaway van.

They manage to patch over that faux pas, and go to a massive indoor “secret” market at a construction site, where ORFF leaders Rory and Gory and Bampf get Acer to agree to teaming up with their in-system smuggling ring to bring in weapons to ORFF. They seem to need the SG due to their ability to cultivate Imperial connections, so they also want the meeting with magistrate to go off, but there is a mole on the inside who is sabotaging those efforts (on behalf of BS, seemingly).

They agree to let Acer rest up in their safehouse, and the team patches up themselves and their droids. Fareezo purchases some wookie engineer slaves from a nearby construction site, with a loan from his Hutt contact, who expects them to be delivered to him within a month. Fareezo agrees to stay behind and guard Acer while the rest of the team goes on a separate errand for ORFF: retrieving an old Trade Federation droid control brain from one of their main battleships downed during the recent war.

They head out, and Kek manages to avoid some dangerous intelligent predators leftover from the days of the giants that used to inhabit BP. They race amongst their stories-tall tombstones and the skeletons littering the ground, and find the downed ship. They make a deal with some squib scavengers to pass along any droid tech they find, and keep anything else, and Renzo muscles them into the ship. Kek finds a layout, and slices her way into control of a small droid sent out to guide them. Some sort of malevolent AI traps them briefly in a forcefield before the power flickers out and they escape.

They find a flyable and semi-intact light shuttle, and make a deal with the AI to open the bay doors, so long as they leave (they intend to honor the letter by leaving, and then break the spirit by reentering on foot through the original door). Kek and Pemboy jury-rig the shuttle enough to get it airborne, and Renzo pries the magnet clamps free. They scrape through the small opening in the bay doors, and land by the van, which they load into the cargo hold.

The squibs flee, warning the team of incoming huge insectoids (which seem to have followed them here), but after some surveillance, it seems the insectoids won’t enter the ship graveyard due to all the terrible chemicals leaking out of it. So they re-enter the crashed ship while Renzo secures the van and Pemboy’s speeder in the shuttle. They gain access to the control brain room, and after fighting off a droideka secure the brain, which tries to trick them into fleeing with a “self-destruct” countdown. Kek leaves a small drone that she hacked, along with some droid skillchips, for the squibs as per their deal, after accidentally insulting them.

On the flight back, at Kek’s insistence, Newman uses a ton of evidence of the end of the Clone Wars (provided by Rory and Gory) to convince the droid controller AI that the war is indeed over, and it’s side lost. It agrees to help the team extract it from the droid controller and install it in their ship, as R & G are planning to wipe the personality anyway. R & G also provide a secure smuggler’s hangar to fix up the shuttle, but between these favors decide that they aren’t paying any credits for the job. The team agrees. They successfully extract and install the personality, and do some critical shuttle repairs.

Bampf arrives, and tells them Acer is healed up enough for the meeting with the magistrate. They sneak in to the Imperial garrison through a back door, leaving Renzo behind. Kek guards their escape route, while Newman and Pemboy head into the lobby with Acer. There, they link up with Bampf, who seems a little nervous. Their meeting is slightly delayed by the arrival of a wealthy Hutt. Pemboy talks to a Twi’Lek in his entourage, and decides that this Hutt could make a good future master, next time he needs one. For now he plans to set up a medbay on the shuttle, however.

Meanwhile, Ossa Tema, aka Princess Lulu has found her way to Boz Pity, in the hopes of reclaiming a royal relic of her people, and preventing it falling into the hands of the merchants who usurped them, and now rule as Imperial proxies. She seems to be in the same queue for a meeting with Magistrate Margaret Shorn as some mercenary types, and recognizes them from their description as some Smugglers Guild members that she is supposed to meet up with. She eyes them from afar, first, wanting to get a feel for their dynamic.


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