Outer Rim Star Wars

Dead Reckoning

Pemboy Pumms and Fareezo manage an amazing on-the-fly pickup of Kek’Tal and Newman Olfakktus, while Renzo heales in the medbay and Ossa Tema aka Princess Lulu trains with Atama Sicah in the tunnels on Boz Pity. They jump out of system, to escape any immediate Imperial trouble.

After laying low for a day in hyperspace and healing up, they return to Mourn, BP’s moon, to meet a new contact named Bolabo Snunb who has some goods to move for the Smugglers Guild. They link up with her, and manage to trade for some bacta to heal Kek and Newman’s rad damage. They restock the ship a bit, and realize Bolabo is a bit of a practical joker. After plotting a course, they head out to Randon, needing to beat some Black Sun agents there to get properly paid.

Midway there, they are pulled out of hyperspace by an impact warning, which they assume is a pirate trap, as they can’t detect any large bodies nearby. They do spot a small debris field and receive a distress call. After some debate and the offer of a reward, they agree to pick up the stranded woman, and head in. They quickly come under attack by pirates (as feared) but successfully scoop up the waylaid traveler, and Kek jumps blind towards the next system by overriding the hyperdrive safeties.

They luckily don’t hit anything, and limp into a repair bay recommended by Roget Jiriss in the Sneeve system. They trade a four-armed mechanic all of Bolabo’s drugs for the repair work needed and get back on the way to Randon. Upon arrival, Newman manages to bribe and connive his way to the front of the customs inspection line, and luckily the drug they’re hauling is legal, so they coast through. Kek has the ship AI keep Renzo passed out to avoid trouble.

They head to the rendevouz, moved at the last minute from the docking bay, and are worried about another trap. Approaching the site on an less-inhabited continent, they see a jungle clearing and barely spot some kind of concealing dome. They land, warily, after confirming with their contact. They make the exchange, with what seem to be some more anti-Imperial freedom fighters of an unknown affiliation. Instead of credits, they end up taking a turbo-laser to attach to the 2nd Chance at a future point.

After some unsuccessful further attempts at trading, they take off, and head to the planet that their reward for saving Atamah is on, having received a message from his that the reward may not be totally secure. Separately, Tema has headed that way after her initial bout of training. She finds an ancient tree, which seems to have once been some sort of Jedi or force-user, and is still just the tiniest bit alive. The world seems to have died ages ago, but the tree Jedi stashed a bunch of lightsabers in the earth and rooted itself above to protect them. Tema, after much deliberation, makes the hard call and doesn’t take any of them, after the tree tells her it is not her time.

She scouts out an ancient temple where the reward artifact is, and comes under attack from its unidentifiable alien guardians just as the other team arrives. They manage to save Tema, defeat the aliens, an recover the artifact just in time as the temple collapses around them. Now to see what exactly it is, and how much it might be worth!

Gravedust and Grey Jedi
An Ancient Race Lives On

After losing track of Atama Sicah after his meeting with the Ithorian, Ossa Tema aka Princess Lulu arranges to train with him the next day, at a location he provides. Using the tracker Tema planted on him, Kek’Tal confirms that he is out amongst the giant graves, confirming Renzo’s smell assessment. Kek plans out a 3 part ‘ambush’, with Renzo and Newman Olfakktus on the speeder, and Fareezo with Kek in the ship, while Tema approaches on foot.

Tema encounters Atamah, and after he offers her training she turns off her comms, to warn him about the ambush, as she feels it is dishonorable (and he seems to dislike the Empire also). The rest of the team rushes in, fearing the worst. Renzo tries to tackle Atamah, but it turns out it was an illusion. The real Atamah appears nearby but mind controls Newman and convinces Renzo not to attack. By the time Kek and Fareezo arrive, everyone is mid-convo, so they talk instead of fight.

After some quick research, and Kek confirms that the bounty they were offered is very low given that he is a Jedi, which makes them think that Magistrate Margaret Shorn either doesn’t know the whole story, or is ripping them off. They also here from the ORFF that there will be a job for them in 9 days, the same time as the end of the bounty offer on the Jedi. Having also just heard that the ORFF bought a ton of high explosives, capable of damaging a ship, they realize that Shorn must at least suspect what the Jedi is, and want to turn him over to some sort of important dignitary.

Atamah convinces them to hold off on turning him in, by agreeing to pay them in unique artifacts, and giving the Smugglers Guild access to a huge maze of underground tunnels developed by the planet’s former inhabitants, the Gargentelles. Atamah also reveals that, unbeknownst to anyone, a few of the giants have survived, including 1 that he introduces the team to, who has some force ability. Fareezo points out that capturing 1 (or all) of these very rare giants would be valuable, monetarily, but they decide to stick with the plan for now, and and throw in their lot with Atamah and the ORFF.

They do some research on what the Imperials are likely to throw at them, and get a number of upgrades to the Second Chance, in case they need to fight or skip town quickly. They decide to send Kek and Newman to infiltrate the Imperial ship (the Wildfire) and plant the explosives, while the rest of the team fends off the Imperial strike force that seems likely to come after Atamah. The leader of the Imperial expedition, Aguro Belami, has a reputation as a callous brute, and his ship is hardwired so that Jedi can’t manipulate crew into altering course/destination/etc. This explains why Magistrate Margaret Shorn keeps increasing the bounty offer. She doesn’t go quite high enough though…

Tema spends some time training with Atamah while the rest of the team focuses on job prep. Atamah seems like an odd teacher in many ways, and Tema doesn’t take well to some of his techniques. After some violence on both sides, they find a working relationship, and Atamah teacher her how to activate some ancient Jedi tech. The Imperial ship arrives right on schedule, and Rory and Gory provide some hacking backup as the team prepares false ID’s, and takes over one of the probe droids that the ship launches. Kek and Newman climb aboard to return to the ship, while the large concentration of Force-sensitive individuals near Atamah attract the strike force, as expected. They prepare to fight…

With Pemboy and Fareezo firing from the 2nd Chance, and Renzo, Atamah, and Tema tearing it up on the ground, the team manages to defeat the assault force, though Atamah and Renzo are both seriously wounded. Luckily Pemboy stabilizes both, and Tema counter-snipes the enemy sniper just in time to prevent him from getting in a kill-shot. They also capture the enemy AT-RT and some sort of ancient helm (possibly Force resistance?) that the Imperial officer wore. They take the 2nd Chance down into the Garganetelle tunnels to try to dodge Imperial retribution.

Meanwhile, Kek and Newman manage to escape the probe droid that they flew (uncormfortably!) back to the Wildfire. They climb through an open bay onto a nearby gantry as repair droids scuttle about fixing up damaged probes. They gain access to some maintenance shafts, that take them to the main Turbolift. Newman distracts the guards present while Kek slips into a vent system. She makes her way towards engineering with the bomb, while Newman takes an awkward pretend shit to stall for time before heading there himself.

He makes his way there, only to find a series of problems: Rory and Gory’s authentication wasn’t quite as good as they said it was, and he can’t talk his way out of it due to the fact that the only things present in engineering are droids. It quickly becomes apparent that this is because of an unshielded core, leaking massive amounts of radiation, presumably as another anti-Jedi measure. Luckily he’s a rad-tolerant spacer! Kek has discovered the same thing trying to make her way through tunnels to the same place, and abandons the approach due to radiation sickness. She manages to sneak past some Imperial guards, and gains access to the room by slicing in some emergency authentications at the secure door just before some turrets try to blast her.

Stuck in the room together, and becoming more irradiated by the moment, Newman gives Kek his spacesuit to wear atop her own to gain more protection, which sadly leaves him unarmored when the droids attack. Luckily they aren’t combat models and the pair defeat them, before planting the bomb, and managing (eventually) to climb back up into the vent shaft. They get out of the irradiated area, and Kek gives the spacesuit back. They find a nearby trash chute and dive in. They clip their suits together, swim to the bottom, and manage to jury-rig the door open, venting them and the waste into vacuum. Luckily, this sucks them a ways away from the Wildfire, as they had heard some alarms going off as they left.

Not wanting to risk the bomb being found, they trigger the detonator, and call for pickup as they watch the explosions bloom and spread.

Freeeeeeee Falling

The meeting with Magistrate Margaret Shorn and the Smugglers Guild goes well. The team gets paid for delivering Acer safely, and are told there may be more work for them. Ossa Tema aka Princess Lulu hires them to retrieve a family artifact that’s headed to an orbital auction.

Fareezo lures 2 of the guards on the auctioneers ship away from their comrades, and the team ko’s them in an ambush. Kek’Tal accidentally distracts the nearby guards when she gets spotted. Renzo and Newman Olfakktus get hired on as replacement guards, with Tema’s help, and Kek sneaks aboard. They bring some berserker gas grenades to use on the rest of the crew.

They set off the grenades once the ship is airborne, and get the bridge crew and guards fighting, while they sneak back towards the artifact. Tema snipes a few surprised guards, and Kek manages to detach the front ship segment. She gets on the turbolaser, and duels with a gunner in the falling front section. She wins, but the mid-section is also damaged, so they head towards the back as gravity fails. Explosions start aboard the ship, so they prepare to bail. However, all the escape pods are gone.

Fareezo pilots the Second Chance up to scoop them up, and Kek and Newman manage to jump over, sadly needing to sacrifice a droid in the process to push them in the right direction. Renzo and Tema fare worse, and take extreme damage while exposed to the vacuum of space without proper protection. They get aboard, and Pemboy Pumms begins treating them in his brand-new medbay.

They return to Boz Pity, faking comms problems and ship trouble to get away from Imperial rescue craft. The auctioneer’s ship detonates as they leave. They manage to land, and Newman heads into town on the speeder in order to try to convince the Imperials that nothing suspicious happened. The rest of the team prepare to head to the auction so Fareezo can fulfill his duties to the Hutts.

Arriving on the spacebarge where the auction will take place, and peruse the schedule. Unsurprisingly, the piece they stole has been removed. Fareezo and Kek attend the opening dinner, and meet a few people, but are also terrified to see IG-88, who Fareezo recognizes, and advises the team not to fuck with. Kek, being fascinated by a fully autonomous droid, goes over and introduces herself. IG-88 barely acknowledges her. Fareezo, Newman, and Tema go to breakfast with a friendly Ithorian mining exec, who feeds them some fancy eggs. Tema plants a tracker on his bodyguard, Atama Sicah, who they have been hired to capture/kill, due to his ongoing theft of Imperial goods. Newman tries to sneak some eggs back for Renzo, but offends the host in doing so.

They return to the ship, and await the auction. They see a young man who Tema recognizes from the Magistrate’s palace, but who is no longer dressed as an Imperial. He purchases a cloning device. Some other impressive items sell, and Fareezo bids on his ore, which sadly IG-88 also is bidding on. Fareezo manages to outbid him, even though he is terribly intimidated. They make a plan to bail as quickly as possible, and Fareezo uses connections to get IG-88’s exit delayed. Kek calls IG-88 and tells it that she will give up the item’s location once they drop it off, if they aren’t attacked.

They safely make the drop on one of the moons, to Fareezo’s Hutt syndicate contact Vorvo, who takes off in a fancy yacht. They return to Boz Pity, with Kek redlining the engines to avoid trouble. IG-88 catches up to them, but Kek messages it a photo of Vorvo’s ship and it breaks off pursuit. They land safely and work on repairing the ship while getting some more work. Tema makes arrangements to train with Atamah as a trap, and they follow his tracker into the city, where they see him receive a package in the meeting with the Ithorian, before losing track of him.

It's A Real Boz Pity
Smuggling Smugglers

On Boz Pity, Renzo and Newman Olfakktus have been acting as an advance force for a Smugglers Guild expansion into the system. Fareezo, Pemboy Pumms, and Kek’Tal are all hired on Cularin by Kadrian Sey to escort the SG envoy Acer to Boz Pity.

They astrogate their way there with no trouble, but spot a suspicious fast-moving object on their sensors that they are unable to ID. After some confusion while landing (as to who they are and where to dock), they avoid a potential Imperial entanglement and leave the spaceport. Trying to take a hover-cab to Acer’s meeting, they are ambushed by Black Sun operatives, presumably to prevent the SG from gaining ground on BP. Pemboy manages to save Acer’s life after he is wounded by a missile.

They defeat the BS goons, and the crew sneaks off as the local law starts arriving onsite. Also their junker ship was blown up so they’re stuck on-world for the time being. They escape the Imperial dragnet with the help of ORFF enforcer Shev, though they almost get into some trouble with ORFF due to a mixup about who should drive the getaway van.

They manage to patch over that faux pas, and go to a massive indoor “secret” market at a construction site, where ORFF leaders Rory and Gory and Bampf get Acer to agree to teaming up with their in-system smuggling ring to bring in weapons to ORFF. They seem to need the SG due to their ability to cultivate Imperial connections, so they also want the meeting with magistrate to go off, but there is a mole on the inside who is sabotaging those efforts (on behalf of BS, seemingly).

They agree to let Acer rest up in their safehouse, and the team patches up themselves and their droids. Fareezo purchases some wookie engineer slaves from a nearby construction site, with a loan from his Hutt contact, who expects them to be delivered to him within a month. Fareezo agrees to stay behind and guard Acer while the rest of the team goes on a separate errand for ORFF: retrieving an old Trade Federation droid control brain from one of their main battleships downed during the recent war.

They head out, and Kek manages to avoid some dangerous intelligent predators leftover from the days of the giants that used to inhabit BP. They race amongst their stories-tall tombstones and the skeletons littering the ground, and find the downed ship. They make a deal with some squib scavengers to pass along any droid tech they find, and keep anything else, and Renzo muscles them into the ship. Kek finds a layout, and slices her way into control of a small droid sent out to guide them. Some sort of malevolent AI traps them briefly in a forcefield before the power flickers out and they escape.

They find a flyable and semi-intact light shuttle, and make a deal with the AI to open the bay doors, so long as they leave (they intend to honor the letter by leaving, and then break the spirit by reentering on foot through the original door). Kek and Pemboy jury-rig the shuttle enough to get it airborne, and Renzo pries the magnet clamps free. They scrape through the small opening in the bay doors, and land by the van, which they load into the cargo hold.

The squibs flee, warning the team of incoming huge insectoids (which seem to have followed them here), but after some surveillance, it seems the insectoids won’t enter the ship graveyard due to all the terrible chemicals leaking out of it. So they re-enter the crashed ship while Renzo secures the van and Pemboy’s speeder in the shuttle. They gain access to the control brain room, and after fighting off a droideka secure the brain, which tries to trick them into fleeing with a “self-destruct” countdown. Kek leaves a small drone that she hacked, along with some droid skillchips, for the squibs as per their deal, after accidentally insulting them.

On the flight back, at Kek’s insistence, Newman uses a ton of evidence of the end of the Clone Wars (provided by Rory and Gory) to convince the droid controller AI that the war is indeed over, and it’s side lost. It agrees to help the team extract it from the droid controller and install it in their ship, as R & G are planning to wipe the personality anyway. R & G also provide a secure smuggler’s hangar to fix up the shuttle, but between these favors decide that they aren’t paying any credits for the job. The team agrees. They successfully extract and install the personality, and do some critical shuttle repairs.

Bampf arrives, and tells them Acer is healed up enough for the meeting with the magistrate. They sneak in to the Imperial garrison through a back door, leaving Renzo behind. Kek guards their escape route, while Newman and Pemboy head into the lobby with Acer. There, they link up with Bampf, who seems a little nervous. Their meeting is slightly delayed by the arrival of a wealthy Hutt. Pemboy talks to a Twi’Lek in his entourage, and decides that this Hutt could make a good future master, next time he needs one. For now he plans to set up a medbay on the shuttle, however.

Meanwhile, Ossa Tema, aka Princess Lulu has found her way to Boz Pity, in the hopes of reclaiming a royal relic of her people, and preventing it falling into the hands of the merchants who usurped them, and now rule as Imperial proxies. She seems to be in the same queue for a meeting with Magistrate Margaret Shorn as some mercenary types, and recognizes them from their description as some Smugglers Guild members that she is supposed to meet up with. She eyes them from afar, first, wanting to get a feel for their dynamic.

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